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Bringing luxury couture to every woman's wardrobe. My Duff gives you a Very Personalized, hassle-free experience where your outfit is designed by Professional Designer keeping in mind that you are the Model of this Runway

Your Outfit is not just design- its A Story, A Feeling, and an Experience! A story of Where your design has been inspired from. An Experience that gives you a feel, that your design has come straight out of a Runway Fashion. A Feeling of Exclusivity wearing luxury couture.

Want to grab that look of a Fashionista, Or express your personal style fearlessly? Let our design experts give you the best of the best Design, Which is Customised just for YOU, to make that look a perfect fashion statement.



We fix minimum to maximum number of slots required for the process. The user can increase the number of slots if she thinks more time is required for the process. The validity date and the price change, depending on the number of slots booked.


Slot Scheduling

-You will be assigned a designer and a unique id where you get to book the time slots according to your convenience and the availability of the slots. -The available dates and time will be shown within the validity period. - The interval between one



The slots can be rescheduled anytime before 48 hours. The interval of one slot and another slot will be 48hours.


Before Chat Notification

As per the time slot You booked to chat with our Designer, Chat Notifications will be sent 12, 6, 3, 1 hour before the start of the chat session. The assigned designer will attend the chat.



In the chat session, Our designers talk to you in a friendly manner and help you to come up with the best 3 designs which suits your style, needs, and requirements.


Brief Report

After the chat session, our team of designers works upon your Design requirements, personalized to your style preference, Body Type & Budget to create a Fresh trending New Designs which are made just for you. The designer sends you a brief report compr



In this session, the client chooses one best design from the above three designs sent in the Design Report, and finalize upon the Fabric, color and detailing and any other changes if necessary.


Final Client Report

After the second chat session the Designers work upon your Final design and sends you a Report comprising of Client Report Details comprising of the requirements given by the client. Design Report Details comprising of Insp


Refund and Cancellation

In case of any inconvenience or error the slots which has not been used and the amount of the slot will be refunded .