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Nautical-inspired timepieces.

Get your summer wardrobe ready with these nautical-inspired timepiece


If you’re someone who can sit at a beach and endlessly stare at the majestic ocean, summer serves as the perfect time to indulge your whims and even find ways to add them in your closet. This month, we pay homage to everything nautical via a curated list of ten timepieces that will stir a deep longing for the blue lagoon.


While blue, white and silver are reigning hues in a sea-inspired colour palette, sunset colours like deep pink and orange can be also be included in it. If navy blue is akin to black for you, we recommend Omega’s ‘Seamaster Diver’ watch, Breguet’s ‘Ma

Scroll ahead for the nautical-inspired timepieces that promise to help you sail through the unending summer days.

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